The dream of starting my own business began with a sunset dinner on the beach in Baja and a margarita in my hand! Having traveled throughout Mexico the past 10 years, I acquired many interesting pieces of exotic jewelry and artwork from the talented artisans I met. Upon returning home, people would compliment my treasures and inquire if they were for sale. Thus the idea for Baja Nights Jewelry was born.


Having been inspired and befriended by the families of the famous Silver Masters of Taxco, Mexico, I began showcasing the jewelry designed by selected artists.
I personally try each piece of their jewelry to ensure it's craftsmanship, originality and comfort. This part of my business was so well received by my customers that I was encouraged to learn jewelry design. Today my selected artist's creations remain a vital part of the jewelry we bring to you.


My exclusive line of pendants, earrings and bracelets are made from the finest silver in Taxco, Mexico. My designs are professionally crafted by my personal silversmith and friend, Marco Tulio Del Pino. Our collaboration ensures the quality and distinctive design that Baja Nights Jewelry represents.






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